Monday, 28 June 2010

Summer: ice

Because of a hailstorm in Mezőhegyes on 18th June 2010 10 people were injured at a horse-show and died several horse because of stress, the trees lost all their leaves, destroyed 100% of the crops. There were places covered with 15-20 cm of ice balls.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Opening soon: Used african clothes.

The location: The shopping street ring surround the city of Budapest.
1. We offer:
2. Used african clothes boutique is opening here soon

Original fake Nike pullover, red-black, blue-white
Worn men’s shirt, beige, grey
Worn men’s Reed trousers, beige, grey
Mobile case, imitation leather, black
Police cap, from Nicaragua, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria
Beret, brown, black
Trousers-dress, brown
Flannel shirt, beige, green, brown, black
Men’s military jacket, classical military style, Somalia Popular Front, Uganda Rebeller
Summer shawl, claret, red, yellow, green, blue, black
Uganda Post Officer Shirt, white, shabby-blue&violet, blue&shabby-violet
Half pair of slippers, yellow-grey
Men’s boxer shorts, squared, striped
Children’s shirt, with flower pattern, death's head pattern, Nirvana style
PVC gloves, black (from Nigerian uranium-mine), white (from Namibian uranium-mine)
280 Ft = 1 EUR, 210 Ft = 1 USD

Action of the „Two tail dog Party”